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Kaunas municipal child care home was establish in 1994-07-01 according to the 1994-06-09 Kaunas City Council Decision Nr. 44 „About Kaunas municipal child care home establishment“.

 From 2008 to 2011 a project was carried out funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism called „Kaunas municipal child care home renovation and staff training“. During this project the main building was renovated, landscaped surroundings were formed, fencing was replaced and outdoor playground equipment was purchased. Our child care home was equipped with a computer lab, fitness hall and modern psychologist cabinet with relaxation means: light, sound and color therapy. Inner households were equipped with air conditioners, satellite cameras, TV equipment were purchased.

Our child care home has a staff consisting of social workers and their assistants, a psychologist, a special educator, physicians and other specialists. Work is based on team approach, involving our social partners, local authorities, the police, voluntary organizations and others. Personnel is constantly acquiring new skills and competencies.

In 2009 the before mentioned project funded training for child care home staff. The training was held by professor dr. Irene Leliūgienė, dr. Nijolė Bankauskienė and others from the Educational Center of Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Social Sciences Educational Institute. Employees heard six modules: „Social pedagogy and psychology“, „Social work with the child and his family“, "Working with delinquent children," What competencies are important these days for child care home staff? " and others.

Currently there are 60 children without parental care living in Kaunas municipal child care home, ages 3 to 18. Temporary custody of the children is given by the Kaunas City Municipality Children's Rights Division and the Director of Kaunas City Municipality. Permanent custody of the children is only given by a court order. According to the implementation of social care standards, approved by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour orders, we seek to ensure a safe physically , psychologically balanced and private space forming environment that is as closest as possible to a regular family environment and matches the child's personal characteristics, their peculiarities of development, their needs and interests. Children are living in six small households based on family principle ( brothers and sisters in one household group ), 2-3 children in one room.

Depending on each child‘s abilities and health, they can learn in general education schools or vocational schools, and in some cases, in a special needs school depending on their individual needs.Children have all conditions to develop according to their desires, abilities, needs and talents. They have all opportunities to play sports, interact with other children. They also have possibilities to attend various activities, sports, music and other non-formal education schools and meet other needs of self-expression.

Kaunas municipal child care home runs a Children‘s Day Care Center which can be attended by 20 children.